Missions are a special way of playing the game which changes the victory conditions and offers some unique rules and objectives for the game session. After learning the basics of X-Wing , players can play missions to add variety and unique objectives to the game. Before following the standard steps for setup, players resolve the following steps:

1. Choose Mission: Players must both agree on which mission to play.
There are three missions included in this rulebook.

2. Choose Ships: Both players must agree to either use the ships and upgrades listed in the “Mission Setup” section of the mission or choose their own ships using the squad building rules (see “Squad Building in Missions”). These ships are used during the “Gather Forces” step of setup.

3. Then players perform the setup steps listed on page 4 in the roulebook with the following exception: instead of performing the “Place Forces” step, players follow the rules in the “Mission Setup” section of the mission overview. After setting up the game, review the mission’s special rules and objectives and then just start your game.